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Состав набора лицензий Enterprise Bundle

  • ISL Trunking (TRK): Allows frame-based consolidation of up to 8 inter-switch links (ISLs) into fault-tolerant and load-balanced trunks with bandwidth of up to 256 Gbps.
  • Fabric Vision (FV)
    • Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS): Provides a policy-based, fabric-wide threshold monitoring and alerting tool.
    • Flow Vision: Identifies, monitors, and analyzes specific application flows.
    • VM Insight: Seamlessly monitors health and performance of individual Virtual Machines (VMs) to quickly identify abnormal VM behavior and enable administrators to proactively facilitate troubleshooting and fault isolation, helping to ensure performance and operational stability.
    • IO Insight: Proactively monitors I/O performance and behavior to gain deep insight into issues and ensure service levels by non-disruptively and non-intrusively gathering I/O statistics for storage traffic and applying this information within a policy-based monitoring and alerting suite to configure thresholds and alarms.
    • Fabric Performance Impact (FPI) Monitoring: Leverages predefined MAPS policies to automatically identify and isolate devices that cause network performance issues by detecting different latency severity levels, and to alert administrators.
  • Extended Fabric (EF): Extends Fibre Channel SANs beyond 10 km distance limitations for replication and backup at full bandwidth.